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          Al’s white impala followed the winding highway across the New Mexico border to Durango, Colorado. We were on our way to a rodeo. 

        Al had asked Mom to join us.  She rode silently in the back seat.  Al and I had a good time but Mom was moody all day. I knew she was fuming. She did not like the back seat and Al was giving me all the attention.

          I had been surprised when Al called and invited me to the Rodeo. It was a long drive from Albuquerque to Farmington and then another drive to Durango. I could tell he wanted to see me. He had invited Mom so she could get to know him.

          We dropped Mom off at home when we got back to Farmington.  Al took me out for supper before he headed back to Albuquerque.  He confided in me about his father and the alcohol.  I understood.  Al and I had a familiarity…we were both children of alcoholics.