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          “We’re moving back to Albuquerque, Gloria,” Mom informed me.
          I was dumbfounded!  I had mixed emotions.  I had made friends.  My life was full of school activities, hay rack rides and High school football games. 
          Dave and I still wrote, but not as often.  I no longer wore his heavy ring around my neck (It was on my dresser). There was a boy at Hotchkiss High that was giving me a lot of attention. We had sat together on a hay rack ride.   But, I still remembered Dave’s prediction that I would be returning to Albuquerque.  I would later find out about Dave’s prayer life.  Perhaps that was why he had been so sure.
          As usual I was never told the whole reason for our move. “Installment” was the word.  It seemed the installment had not been paid and Mom was angry with Deryl.  There was also no house on Childers Drive to return to.

                                          SANDIA HIGH SCHOOL

            I could not believe it…I was back in Albuquerque!!!

          Mom and Deryl rented a house in Princess Jean Park in the northeast part of Albuquerque.  It was a three-bedroom ranch.  The neighborhood had block walls separating the yards.  My friends and I would walk them occasionally.
          Sandia High School was situated in the NE Heights of Albuquerque. It was different being in a big school again.  After Hotchkiss, where I had become a big fish in a small pond, now I was only one in a thousand.
          Dave and I took up where we had left off.  His ring hung around my neck once more.  He was still into motorcycles and had taken up karate.
           One Friday night Dave and I were invited to a party.  I was getting ready and for some reason I was uptight.  Mom and I got into it. 
          “Gloria, you are grounded.  You call Dave right now and tell him you are not going to that party!”
          “I’m sorry Mom.”
          “No, you are not going!”
          I called Dave.
          “Tell your Mom you weren’t able to reach of me.  I will be over in a few minutes.”
          Dave showed up acting like nothing was wrong.  Mom gave me a look but let me go.
          “I really didn’t want to go to this party,” Dave said, “But I knew you wanted to, so I used the prayers in my prayer bank.”
          Dave, who was Catholic, had never mentioned anything religious before, so I was intrigued.
          “What is a prayer bank?”
          “Well, any time I have a free moment I say a prayer and I put those prayers in a prayer bank in heaven.  Tonight I prayed and withdrew them so you could go the party.”
          I wasn’t sure about Dave’s concept of prayer, but I was on my way to the party and that was good enough for me.
          I thought a lot about Dave's prayer bank. I was intrigued by it.