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        Junior Year 1959-1960

 The April afternoon was warm and sunny: without a breeze.  My feet shuffled toward the street where we were living in Farmington

          “Are you saved?”  The thought came with such force it was almost as if someone had spoken audibly.

          The thought was penetrating. I didn’t even stop to wonder where it had come from. My feet slowed. It was as if nothing else existed except this question and me.

          “Was I saved?” I knew it was a spiritual question. As I walked I reasoned back to the question. “I’m Methodist. I’ve been sprinkled in church. I’m a good kid. I don’t drink or smoke.     I continued to defend myself … You should see my friends! I don’t do the things they do! 

          “You must be born again and it is a straight and narrow way.”

          The thought was penetrating and exact, just as the question had been. 

    I knew I wasn’t born again and I knew I wasn’t on a straight and narrow way. Even though I didn’t know how to be born again and how to get on the straight and narrow way, I instinctively knew it would be a complete change of my life.   I wanted to control my own life. I remember thinking, maybe when I’m older; I’m too young now.

          Years later I would realize that the Lord was speaking to me. He was trying to answer the prayers I had been praying. He was trying to find a way into our chaos.  He was knocking on my hearts door.  Thank God through the years He kept knocking.