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Al ( another move) 1960


        A friend of mine introduced me to Al.  He was out of school and older then me.  He was very nice looking, light brown hair, side burns, a chiseled nose and light brown eyes.  He always wore western shirts, jeans and moccasins.  He was a carpenter.  He lived in a duplex with his twin sister and his father.  His father had been a doctor, but now he was non functioning: he was an alcoholic.  I soon learned that Al and his sister were supporting and caring for their father.  Al was very responsible, he worked, he cleaned their duplex and he cooked. I was very attracted to Al.

          Shortly after I met Al, Mom gave me an announcement:
          “We’re moving to Farmington, New Mexico.  Deryl has a job there and we’re going with him.”

          When we left Albuquerque I was hoping we would never see Ed again!

          We moved into a rented brick ranch house.  I loved my bedroom.  It was blue with lots of windows. The rest of the house was darker but my room was flooded with sunlight.  Pye's (my Siamese cat) favorite spot was the window ledge. She and I spent a lot of time in my room.