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(I hesitated in sharing this bizarre happening. It traumatized me. Thank God He was watching over us...even though we were unaware of His protection.).

          The most bizarre night I had ever experienced happened a few days later, after discovering Mom and Ed at the carnival.

            Mom was sick; they thought she might have pneumonia. She had been staying in bed, taking medicine.

“Gloria, come in here.” Mom yelled,

          I walked into her bedroom.

          “Gloria, I want you to take Bronco somewhere for the night.”

          “What do you mean? “ (I couldn’t understand where she would want us to go. I was 15 yrs old, didn't have a drivers license…knew only one friend in Farmington. Take Bronco somewhere?)

          “I want you to leave for the night.  I am going to kill Deryl.  We are going to go for a walk.  I’m going to take a hammer and kill him.”

          The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I was in shock.  What was she saying?

          “You don’t care anything about me anyway.    You and Bronco can have the insurance money...”
          She went on crazily.  I couldn’t believe my ears.

          I left the room and found Deryl. 

          “Deryl, please leave the house, I’m afraid she is going to hurt you.”

          “I’m not going anywhere,” Deryl said angrily, with a stone face.

          I was afraid.  My mother had gone crazy.  I called Aunt Ruby’s in Aztec.  I knew Grandma was visiting there.  I told her what Mom had said to me.

          “Call the doctor right away,” Grandma instructed.

          Deryl called the Doctor. The doctor  said he would be right over.

          It was a nightmare.  The doorbell rang.  Deryl answered the door and there was ‘Ed”!  Ed seemed to know something was wrong with Mom.  He and Deryl didn’t argue but they both headed for her bedroom. She wasn’t there.

They searched the house for her but couldn’t find her.  They went outside.

          I was standing in the kitchen.  Through the door, leading to the garage, I could hear strange breathing, like an animal.  I knew it was Mom.

          The doctor arrived, they took Mom into the bedroom and he gave her a shot.

          After the doctor and Ed left, I begged Deryl to leave.  I was afraid she might wake up and do something terrible.  He refused.

          All night I lay awake.  Listening, to make sure Mom didn’t hurt Deryl.

          The next morning I didn’t go to school.  I was relieved to see Deryl had left for work and Mom was still sleeping.

          I realized we didn’t have any milk or bread.  I was debating about walking to the convenience store. I decided it was too far.  The doorbell rang. It was Ed.  He took me to the 7-11 Convenience Store and bought the items we needed.  As we were returning to our house, I saw Deryl’s pickup in the driveway. The front door was open and Mom was chasing him out.  He left as if he was afraid.

          Deryl was gone.  Ed was back in Mom’s life and I was sick about it.

        Mom continued Beauty School.  We moved from the nice brick house into a cheaper adobe one.  No longer did I live close to my one friend. I was so sad and lonely. (I have no memory of the move from the nice brick house…I was traumatized.)