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          I answered the front door. I was surprised: there on the front step  stood my "X Trouble".
          "Hey, Gloria", she grinned, "Come riding with us".
          I peeked out the door. There was a low-rider, black car parked in the driveway. Three Spanish boys were in the front seat.
          I hesitated. "Come on, we won't be gone that long," she said.
          We ran out to the car and I hopped into the back seat with the two girls who had been my "double trouble." The "2nd, X trouble" gave me a small smile.
          (Mom wasn't home or she would never have allowed me go.)
          The car headed for the Mesa. There was still a lot of desert that was undeveloped.
          Dust swirled around and behind us as the black car sped over the hilly dirt roads. We yelled and laughed at each tummy tickler…it was just like a roller coaster.
          When we drove back into our driveway: I climbed out of the back seat.   
          "Yey Gloria…Adios"
          "Adios, Amigos," I answered as I rushed to the front door. Mom still wasn't home…she never knew about my exciting ride.