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          There is nothing like having a boyfriend when you are fourteen, unless it is having two of them.  Paul and Rob were as different as day and night.  To complicate matters, they were best of friends.

          I met Paul when I was elected, (probably because I was the clown of our home room class) to Student Council.  There, in front of all the representatives, at the school meeting was tall, dark and handsome, Paul.

          He was President of the Student Council.  I was sure my heart would stop!

          Rob, as I said before, was Paul’s best friend.  When Paul walked me to class and began calling me “his” girl, Rob was always with us.  Rob was a good three inches shorter then Paul.  Rob wasn’t handsome, but he had compelling mischief written all over his smiling face.  Before long, Paul and Rob were saying, “she’s my girl” and both were asking me to go steady.  (Going steady consisted of: wearing a boys ring on your finger with gobs of tape or string in order to make it fit, or hanging it on a chain around your neck.  This gave the fellow exclusive rights to walk you to class, phone you or come over to your house.  All other boys were off limits.)

          I was reveling in the attention.  But, I knew it couldn’t last forever.  They were bearing down for a decision.  What should I do?  I liked them both. 
         I was in a quandary until...he was approximately 5”9” tall, had blond curly hair, green eyes, covered with long lashes and full lips that lifted slightly, in a cocky smile.  He was wearing the latest rage: a black leather jacket with silver zippers on the pockets.  He walked toward me in the school hallway.  For once, Paul and Rob weren’t around, and I was glad!

          My eyes met his light greens and his lips parted in a grin.

          “Hello there!” he said enthusiastically, as he stopped right in front of me.

          “Hi”, I said casually, trying hard not to show too much interest.

          “Are you new in school?  I haven’t seen you around.”

          I wanted to say, “You haven’t been looking”, but instead I replied, “I’ve been here since the beginning of the year.” (I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I had noticed him from a distance.)

          “Which way is your next class?” he asked as he took my arm, “I’ll walk you there.”

          I happily obliged.  Be quiet my heart!

          Paul and Rob remained my friends, but it wasn’t long before David's  large silver ring dangled on a chain around my neck.