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Uncle Darin was coming over more often.  He was becoming more belligerent with Mom.  When he was around her he called her some terrible names. She didn’t even seem to notice.  He was her little brother and she always loved him. It made me sad.  I did not like what he was saying.  But, I also was afraid of Uncle Darin.  When he drank, and he seemed to always be drinking, he was mean.
One night Uncle Darin, Ed and Deryl were in a drunken brawl. How they had all ended up at our house that night, I still do not know.  Part of the fight took place in the street in front of the house (right in front of our neighborhood).
  Deryl, Ed and Mom were arguing.  When Deryl ran outside. Darin tried to run over Deryl with his car.
"Oh God, protect Deryl," I prayed in my heart.
Mom, clothed in her negligee, was yelling and then she passed out. I went over and covered her up.
 The police arrived and broke it up. One of the neighbors must have called for help.
Would I ever wake up and find it had been a nightmare?