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          My walked briskly down the sidewalk to Hotchkiss High school and opened the front door.  The halls were empty. We were late. The opening assembly for the beginning of school had already begun in the gym.

          “Gloria, wait up!”

          I waited as Mom caught up to me; her arms were filled with her new school supplies.  My thirty-five year old Mother was returning to school as a senior.

          We entered the full gym and sat on a front bleacher.  I was sure every eye was turned our way.

          After the assembly I hurried in the direction of my first class leaving Mom to find her own way to her class.

           “Gloria, was that your mother with you in the gym?” Alice asked

as we walked down the hall.

          “Yes, she is going to be a senior and get her high school diploma.”

          “What does it feel like having your mother at school with you?” my fellow student asked with a chuckle in her tone.

          “I better not say.”

          Mom did great at school.  She made straight A’s.  We had seniors at our house studying and she was the center of attention.

          I couldn’t compete with her.  I became more of a socialite.  Unfortunately, Mom had access to all my teachers who told her I would make better grades if I wasn’t such a social butterfly.

          Deryl’s construction job was keeping him away during the week. Mom, Bronco and I were in the country in that big farmhouse.  My imagination was still bothering me every night.  I began sleeping downstairs instead of alone upstairs in my room.  Mom never admitted it, but I thought she was having some fears also.

          I was popular with the 10th grade girls this year.  Diane talked to me about the way they had treated me the year before and she and I became close friends.  Diane was a Hotchkiss.  Her family had founded the town of Hotchkiss.  Her parents had been killed and her Aunt and Uncle were raising her.

          A new girl came into school her name was Beverly.  She was living with her grandparents.  She never did confide why she had left her Mom and Dad.

We became good friends and one day I confided to her the fear I was struggling with.  I felt better just talking about it.

          One Sunday afternoon we were discussing UFO’s and if they were real.  “I have an idea let’s look in the Bible,” I suggested.

          I opened my white Bible and laid it on the bed. Beverly and I sat cross-legged on my bedspread.  We didn’t know where to start, so we began with Revelations.  Both of us were limited in our knowledge but we were fascinated by the angels and beasts we read about.

Comment...I found it interesting that we were interested in the Bible...and that we chose Revelations to try to understand....Gloria The beginning of the story...