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          Deryl came to the house.  Evidently Mom had called him. That night Mom and Deryl went out.  Bronco and I were in bed and I had actually fallen asleep when I heard a commotion.  Mom was applying ice to Deryl’s face.  Ed had tried to run them off the road with his yellow Cadillac.  He and Deryl got into a fight.  Deryl looked like he had lost the fight.    Ed showed up and the police were called.  Ed didn’t look too good either.  He had cuts all over his head where Mom had taken a beer can to him when he was on top of Deryl. The police told him to leave and he did.  Deryl stayed.
          I missed school the next day.
          Mom went through a time when she didn’t know if she wanted Ed or Deryl.  
          She came into my room one day.  She was definitely confused.
          “Ed says Deryl has never really loved me.”
          “That isn’t true Mom. Deryl loves you.”
          She didn’t seem to be listening to me.  I was only her 15-year-old daughter. So Mom, don’t ask advice from your child.