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          “That’s the right date!”  Joanne shouted as she threw her arms up.  The rectangle hit me square on the chin.  I rubbed my bruise not realizing this game was more dangerous then I could ever imagine.  Ouija Boards seemed to be the craze this summer.  Aunt Ruby had one and now my friend had the game at her house.
          I was staying in Albuquerque for a whole week with Aunt Ruby and her family.  One of Dave’s friends had his driver’s license so we were going to a drive in movie that evening. It was good to be with Dave and my friends again. I had really missed Albuquerque.
          “The fly” screamed in a squeaky voice, “Help me, help me.”  Everyone else in the car was laughing at the horror flick parading across the large out door screen, but my heart was pounding and I was really fearful.   After the movie I joked about it like everyone else, but when I opened the door at Aunt Ruby’s I felt uneasy.  Everyone else was already in bed. Ruby had made up the couch for me to sleep on.  I turned off the light and scenes of the movie began to play in my mind.  I felt like something was standing over me.  I bounded from the couch into Aunt Ruby and Uncle Bernard’s room.  When I told her that something was over me Aunt Ruby assured me it was only my imagination. We left Uncle Bernard looking perplexed at being awakened out of a sound sleep and entered the living room. 
    “See Honey, there isn’t anything here,” My Aunt said kindly. “I’ll leave a night light on in the kitchen.”
 I felt foolish, but what ever I had felt had seemed so real.  Ruby returned to bed.  I lay on the couch struggling to keep the fearful thoughts from my mind.
          It was a struggle that lasted for over a year.  I dreaded the dark and going to bed because my imagination was taken captive by fear.  I told Mom
I was scared but she didn’t know what to say or do.  I knew it upset her.

          Years later, after I was born again, I realized how the Ouija Board had coincided with the fear. ("My people perish for lack of knowledge" Hosea 4:6).

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