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  The premier production of “Newly Weds and Tag Along Kids” consisted of four players, all-trying hard to find their roles in the family.
          The newly married couple was in love and longed for privacy.  But, with children around, there was little chance of that.  It was a common occurrence to walk into the kitchen and find the lovebirds in an embrace or discover them nestled together on the couch in the living room.
          Mom was trying to juggle an attentive new husband and her children.  Poor Deryl, had not only gained a wife, but two unruly offspring.  Despite the “tag along” kids, the new weds had eyes only for each other.  It was obvious that they were crazy about one another, even though they were two completely different personalities.  Mom was the leader of the two.  She was more outgoing and assertive.  Deryl was a passive, easy going individual; whose main purpose (it seemed to me) was to please Mom.
          Then there were the tag along kids.  Bronco, without a father’s discipline was becoming a handful.  Nevertheless, at his green age of five years old, he molded more easily into the situation.
          At the ripe old age of ten and a half, I was more set in my ways.  I resented Deryl’s invasion of my territory.  He wisely gave me plenty of space, but I only tolerated his presence.  I hated the “lovey dovey” stuff! Yuk! I found it revolting!  I was sure no other ten year old had grownups kissing around their house.  Besides that, I felt left out.  If I thought Mom’s and my relationship was changing before, now I found she had even less time for me.
          Mom still maintained what authority there was.  If Deryl spoke his mind about an incident concerning me, I gave him a look that said in no uncertain terms, “mind your own business.” I was turning into a moody, disrespectful brat.
A month of marriage passed.  Deryl and Mom began making plans for their future.  They leased two service stations in Belen, New Mexico.  With the new business came another move.  My emotions were in neutral as I left Mr. Douglas, the fifth grace class, the duplex and Socorro.  I had made no attachments!